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Ask About our Post-construction Cleaning Services in La Vergne, Smyrna & Murfreesboro, TN

Trust Us to Clean Up After Your Project

Many contractors in the La Vergne, Smyrna & Murfreesboro, TN area rely on First Class Maid Service Inc. for post-construction cleaning services. Why us? We make it easy and affordable to tidy up after new construction and remodeling projects of all types.

After you finish working, our cleaning crew will come in and deep clean the newly constructed space from top to bottom. We'll work hard to make sure the new area is as clean as possible so your clients can get a fresh start in their new space.

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Details about our cleaning services

If you need help cleaning up after your construction project, choose First Class Maid Service. There is no job too big for our cleaning crew. When you sign up for post-construction cleaning services in Murfreesboro and Smyrna, TN, you can rely on us to:

  • General Cleanup:
  • Handwipe walls (includes dust, dirt, scuffs, smudges)
  • Dust ceilings and ceiling fans
  • Handwipe trim, baseboards, window frames, and doorframes
  • Dust handrails, mantels, and other various woodwork
  • Handwipe sides and tops of doors
  • Vacuum carpet (taking care around the edges)
  • Clean floors (this does not include buffing, waxing, sealing, etc.)
  • Clean windows (glass, tracks, frames, etc.) and remove any stickers
  • Handwipe light fixtures and bulbs
  • Handwipe electrical switches and outlets
  • Remove floor vents so that you can vacuum ducts
  • Handwipe inside closets, inside cabinets, and on top of shelves
  • Remove drawers and clean underneath
  • Handwipe blinds/shutters
  • Remove and dispose of all trash
  • Remove and dispose of any protective plastic film


  • Entry and Exits:
  • Handwipe doors and door handles
  • Vacuum and dust entryway
  • Sweep and clean porch
  • Clean threshold
  • Clean exterior lights and remove any stickers
  • Pressure wash driveway, porch, deck, etc.


  • Kitchen:
  • Vacuum, dust, and Handwipe shelving and drawers
  • Handwipe cabinet doors, tops of cabinets, glass, etc.
  • Scrub countertops, edges, and back splashes
  • Dust mop walls and floors
  • Remove excess caulking, adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets
  • Handwipe appliances inside and out (and under!)
  • Remove all packaging, plastic, labels, etc. and throw away

  • Bath:
  • Handwipe cabinets inside and out
  • Remove excess caulking, adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets
  • Clean toilets
  • Dust mop walls
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Remove any stickers from toilet, bathtub, sink, etc.
  • Remove all packaging, plastic, labels, etc. and throw away

  • Laudry / Garage / Utility Room:
  • Handwipe cabinets inside and out
  • Handwipe appliances inside and out
  • Sweep and/or vacuum floors

Want to learn more about our post-construction cleaning services? Contact First Class Maid Service today.

Leave post-construction cleanup to the pros

First Class Maid Service provides construction cleanup services in La Vergne, Smyrna, Murfreesboro, TN and surrounding areas. We can remove debris, hazardous materials and trash from your construction site on demand. Our post-construction cleanup services will:

  • Ensure that hazardous materials are disposed of properly
  • Allow construction crews to move on to the next project
  • Keep employees from injuring themselves

Reach out to us right away to get your free estimate and arrange for construction cleanup services.

*We are licensed, bonded and insured (including liability, auto and workers comp).

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